Next Season

Here’s a  quick rundown of the 2021 classes…when we have more of a schedule put together, we’ll post 2022!


13-16 T-F Eric Jacobsen Painting Expressive Landscapes! Oil/Acryl  All levels St & P/A 

19-23 Ted Nuttall Painting People from Photos! WC All levels Studio 


9-13 Ken Dewaard Design! Design! Design! Oils & more/All levels Plein air 

16-20 Janet Rogers AWS Flowers, Faces & Figures! WC All levels Studio

23-27 Kat Ring #1 Find Your Focus! Oils All levels Plein air 

30-9/3 Kat Ring #2 Find Your Focus! Oils All levels Plein air 


6-10 Dan Marshall AWS Watercolor with Confidence! WC Int/Adv Plein air 

14-17 Barbara Nechis Watercolor From Within Adv/Beg to Adv Studio 

20-24 Dan Graziano Painterly Plein Air! WC Oils all Levels Plein air 

27-30 Frank Eber AWS NWS Beyond Technique! WC All levels Plein air 


4-8 Colley Whisson Impressionism in Action! Oils All levels Plein air $875

11-15 Larry Moore Abstracting the Landscape! Oils/Gouache All levels Plein air/Studio

18-22 John Wilson The Creative Landscape! Oils Int/Adv Plein air/Studio

Classes in Belfast


12-16 David Lussier Making Your Mark! Oils All levels Plein air  

19-23 Tony van Hasselt AWS Watercolor Workshop! WC All levels Plein air 


23-27 Iain Stewart Capturing Place en Plein Air! WC/All levels Studio/Plein air 


6-10 Paul George NWS  Capturing the Light! WC All levels Plein air  

13-17 Aline Ordman Creative Color! Pastels or Oils All levels Studio/Plein air  

20-24 Mike Kowalski AWS NWS Watercolor Loose and Lively! WC All levels Plein air 


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