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If your class is in Belfast, scroll  down for directions!  High Season Travel Suggestions are at the end.

Here is the link for the ferry from Nova Scotia to Maine: Arrange for your rental car when you book the Ferry!

For classes in Rockland: The Studio is at 639 Main St Rockland ME 04841. It shares a street level deck with The Apprentice Shop and is across the Route One from Home Kitchen Cafe and the driveway to Dunkin’ Donuts’ Drive-In. Our entrance is on the lower level, accessible down the stairs from the deck or walking up from our parking lot.

The parking is just a bit further on the right; turn down the driveway marked Apprentice Shop…please park tight…it’s a shared lot! If you need to unload at the door, you can do that, then move your car back to the lot.

You can book a flight to Portland, Bangor, or check out Cape Air. They fly from an ever expanding list of locations to Knox County Regional Airport in Owl’s Head (Rockland), a 10 minute cab ride away. Maybe you can take a commuter flight from someplace closer to you!

Rent a car, hire a limo or take a bus from Boston, Portland or Bangor; you can also take a cab or rent a car from Owl’s Head. (If you are planning to rent a car in Maine, be sure to reserve  early; quantities are limited!!)

We’re about 4 hours driving time from Boston, about 2 hours from Bangor, 2 hours from Portland tho sometimes traffic can be heavy coming from the South. (See High Season tips below!)  and 10 minutes from Owl’s Head. Or call us: we occasionally have drivers available for reasonably priced runs to and from the airports or sometimes students coming thru who are happy to offer a ride…

From North and East
Take Rt. 1 South or I-95 to Rt. 1A South to Rt. 1 to Rockland
Stay right on Rt. 1 when it becomes 1-way in Rockland.

From the Augusta area and West
Take Rte 17 into Rockland. Follow Rte 1 South; stay on Rte 1 South when it divides in Rockland. 

From South and West
Take Rt. 95 North into Maine to Rt. 295 North
Take Rt. 295 North to Exit 28: Brunswick/Bath, or Exit 31: Topsham
Follow Rt. 1 North to Rockland OR…Stay on 295 N to 95N to Gardiner; use your GPS to get to Rte 17 East and take that into Rockland.  Read the Traveling Suggestions for other tips on avoiding the often heavy traffic when coming in this direction.

For Classes in Belfast!

The Studio is in the United farmers of Maine Indoor Farmer’s Market building which sits between Spring and Miller Streets, on Water St. We use the Miller Street entrance at the loading dock. You can unload there, and then park in the lot directly across the street. Please do not leave you car at the building!

(If you are planning to rent a car in Maine, be sure to reserve when you book your flights; quantities are sometimes limited!!)

Options: Fly to Portland and rent a car…drive up 295 to Brunswick and take Route One North to Belfast…about 2 hours depending on traffic. Take the exit toward the Hospital and Harbor for downtown. To get to the motels North of Belfast, just stay on Route One North and go over the bridge.

Or: drive 295 to 95 to Augusta; take Rte 17 to Rte 3 East straight into downtown, about 2 hours. No coastal scenery, but likely no seasonal traffic jams in the small towns on Route One.

Fly to Boston; take Cape Air to Rockland and rent a car…it’s 55 minutes up Route One North. Take the exit toward the Hospital and Harbor for downtown. To get to the motels North of Belfast, just stay on Route One North and go over the bridge.

Fly to Bangor and take a cab (about $50) or rent a car: it’s an hour or less from the airport…take the Cold Brook Rd Exit off 95 and stay on it till you have to turn; go right on Rte 1A to Rte One South thru Searsport toward Belfast. Take the first exit after the bridge for downtown.

High Season Travel Tips: 

Like the weather, there are no guarantees about traffic in Maine…however, it is pretty busy here in the Summer so I would guess we’ll have some (traffic that is… weather we always have…it’s just WHAT weather that’s the question!)

If you are driving from South of Maine, you might want to consider rerouting your travel. there are places you can sit on the highway in a “parking lot. Often the Mass Pike to 495 to 95 can be Stop, with very little Go…I avoid it in the summer. ” Wiscasset ME, on Coastal Rte One, ostensibly about 45 minutes below Rockland, backs up for as much as 10 miles and 2 hours at peak times in both directions…not fun…unfortunately, it’s not possible to predict, and once you are in the backup, you are stuck in it…This also applies if you are coming into Camden from the North…So…

Options! Coming into Maine from the South: Go either West on the Mass Pike to 91 N, to 89 North to White River Junction or St Johnsbury VT…and across…or take Rte 9 to 4 across southern VT and  southern NH to Concord and up 93 to where you can go thru back roads to Augusta, (GPS works well!) and pick up Route 17 to Rockland…or Routes 17 to 3 to Belfast. Roads are good, very scenic, no traffic, a little bit longer but a relaxed drive with no sitting in the traffic jams on the main routes…

Another option: Take 91 North to Brattleboro VT, then Rte 9 East to Concord NH…stay on 202 to Alfred ME…take Rte 111 to 95 N (somewhere around Saco/Biddeford…you may have to do a bit of Rte One)  to Portland…then on to Gardiner and Rte 17 to Rockland…or Augusta and Routes 17 to 3 to Belfast.

The Coast is pretty, but I guarantee you will see a lot of it while you’re here! Unless of course, you LIKE traffic!!

If you are coming up 295 above Portland and taking the Coastal Route One Exit toward Brunswick, here is an alternative which will cut out much of the Wiscasset jam up! Only good for heading up the Coast tho…

 Off 295, just after Bath, in Woolwich, take a left onto 127/128…Keep right onto 127 to Dresden…take a right onto 27 in Dresden, which will bring you into Wiscasset pretty close to the center of town and the bridge (27 becomes Rte One)  Go north (left) on One/27, then over the bridge and on to Rockland…there’s some backtracking this way, but I would rather be moving thru rural scenic countryside, than sitting in in traffic!

If you are coming from the North…you’ll be fine to Belfast, and then till you get into Camden proper…then you may be backed up 1-3 miles just outside town. There are a couple of scenic ways to avoid this!  If you are coming thru Belfast on Rte One, look for Rte 52 on the right at a traffic light …turn there and follow it to Camden. (Maybe make a stop at the Lincolnville General Store…great place!!) At the Camden Library, it intersects with Route One; stay straight, follow it thru Camden and it will take you into Rockland…

Or, when you come from Belfast on Rte One into Lincolnville Beach (tiny beach town with shops, a couple of restaurants and, a beach!) turn right on Rte 173 at the blinking light, follow it up the hill, bearing left at the first intersection and left again at Youngtown Rd (you’ll see the signs for parking for a hiking area) stay on Youngtown Rd bearing slight left at the Stop Sign…this is Route 52 and will take you to the Route One intersection in Camden…narrow and pretty, goes by our big lake!

Going home…heading South unless you need to be on Route One……

Traveling South…

To Portland, Boston, CT, NJ, RI, PA, NY

Avoid Rte One South out of Rockland..also 495, 90, 84…

Take Rte 17 west to Chelsea, go left and Gardiner, follow signs to Rte 95 South…

Take 95 South to Portsmouth NH

Take Rte 4 West to Concord…and either take 93 South to Boston…

Or…take 93 South to 89 North to 9 West to Keene NH/Brattleboro VT and then take 91 South

Or…stay on 9 thru Bennington and head South below Albany…I think it is 787 or 87
South from there…consider going thru the Delaware Water Gap into PA to avoid Westchester County, NYC and NJ traffic south…

Heading North from Belfast, no problem…from Rockland…you might want to bypass the stop and go traffic thru downtown Camden completely (I can give you the bypass info!) or once on thru town, go straight onto 52 at the Library…it will take you thru Lincolnville back to Rte One in Belfast …the right turn by the General Store is marked well. Or, go back to Route One in Lincolnville Beach via Youngtown Rd (go straight after the lake, bear right keeping the Inn on your left, take a right at the stop sign and bear right at the three-way intersection, then left onto Rte One North at the blinking light by the Beach.)

Do contact me if you need more info! Lyn

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