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Below are some popular activities and places to enjoy in and around Rockland. For more information about other things to see and do here, visit the Maine Office of Tourism or the local Chamber of Commerce.

Maine Coast Outings on Penobscot Bay: for all ages and abilities


A definitive guide to 25 day trips includes beaches, 9 lighthouses, lakes, harbors, parks, gardens, woodlands. It includes info about difficult conditions and safety concerns at every location for those who are mobility impaired and/or families with small children, whether you are driving, cycling, walking, birding, boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing, taking pictures or just like to be outdoors in nature,

Arts in Rockland AIR organizes regular art walks every first Friday night of the month from 5 to 8 p.m. in June, July and August as well as special opening-night receptions and events throughout the year.


Third Thursdays in Camden; an Arts Walk and street fest focused on Bay View St and nearby shops and galleries! It’s a party!

Farnsworth Art Museum A nationally recognized collection of American art since the 18th century, including dedicated collections of work by the Wyeth family, and sculptor Louise Nevelson. Open free on Wednesday evenings from 5-8 PM.
cmcaCenter for Maine Contemporary Art Now located in their exciting and modern building in Rockland across from the Farnsworth, CMCA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art in Maine. Check out the current exhibit! The Center for Maine Contemporary Art is a nonprofit organization advancing contemporary art in Maine through exhibitions and educational programs.

mmwMaine Media WorkshopsAn internationally renowned school for photography, film & video, and music.

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship A year-round woodworking school focusing on furniture-making, carving, marquetry, and more.

Maine Sport Outfitters
Offering both rental and retail services for kayaking, cycling, camping, and more in the Mid-Coast area.

Atlantic Challenge
Traditional wooden boatbulding and sailing, including an apprenticeship school next to the Rockland Studio

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