Colley Whisson #1 Impressionism in Action! Wait List Only!

                                          Australia certainly produces some excellent painters/instructors.                                                                                                Colley Whisson, a regular with us, is one of them!                                                                      His classes here, which fill early,  have been wonderful, with many students returning year after year. Colley paints to give expression to visual ideas not to copy nature, believing “it is not what you paint but how you paint it.” Capturing light, painting with quick precision to convey the  clearest, purest message possible and always striving to put down a loose, spontaneous response, Colley loves to use his brush as he says: “…like Zorro’s sword, dashing in darks and marvelous highlights with all possible confidence”

Colley will work with you individually to support your exploration of the world of Modern Impressionism. He’ll address in detail, tonal values, color, composition and brushwork, giving special attention to the importance of shapes, edges and the play between hard and soft which give a painting subtle depth and drama. A favorite focus of his is color and Colley will talk about ways to achieve a sense of depth and distance with your use of color. These tools allow you to move into strong impressionistic expression. Coupled with strong drawing skills, they provide a strong foundation for your work.

His Plein Air demos will let you see his approach to painting outside; but you’ll also have plenty of time to work on your own, with lots of his generous individual help. He may add an interior, still life. animal painting or demo from a photo to show how the techniques he’s teaching can enhance whatever you paint.

Colley is extremely attentive to his students…he will spend time with you daily, whether we’re in the studio or, as we hope to be, out on site. Make sure your Class Monitors know where you’re setting up outside so they can tell him, and keep in mind, the closer you all stay together, the less time he’ll spend going between one and another! Classes tends to run a bit long: he provides a lavish amount of personal attention!

Colley will conduct the workshop step-by-step so you can see him construct a painting from start to finish. He will then analyze yours, giving you an abundance of insightful information & tailoring an individual program to help assist your lift to the next level. He is a pleasure to study with, soft-spoken, full of info, attention and most generous with his time. He has also spotted new locations for us, now added to our list of painting sites!

Colley’s relaxed Australian manner ensures his workshops are positive and uplifting, a great environment for learning! You’ll love working with him! We do!

Colley Whisson is an internationally recognized artist born in 1966 and raised in the northern regions of Brisbane, Australia. He started oil painting at 20 and held his first Solo Exhibition at  24. His early career was guided by his father, respected Queensland artist Eric Whisson.  Colley has held over 25 Solo Exhibitions and has had many magazine articles, books and DVD’S published. He loves the challenge of pushing himself to find new subjects to paint. In the near future, he will travel extensively, to the USA, Europe, New Zealand, the UK, China, Russia & Greece, doing workshops along the way and happy to carry the tag as one of Australia’s finest Impressionist painters. 

Some General Class Information:

2023 is a Covid unknown at this point. We will make sure you know any  protocols well ahead; please be assured that we will do everything we can to provide a safe environment for you! Compliance with our protocols is required. We’ll decide on carpooling class by class depending on necessary protocols.

  • Do bring layers for 3 seasons and rain gear…Maine weather changes in a blink and we really never know with any certainty from day to day! We’re fairly informal most everywhere tho, depending on where you eat out…many times, students just clean up in the studio, then head straight to a restaurant…

  • We‘ll process your payment after we get your online Registration and will email you a receipt. A $300 deposit will hold your space. Cancellation and Refund info is at the bottom of the Registration Form…(please do read the Policies before you check that you have!)

  • We’ll send a Supply List and more detailed info after you Register, and again about 2 weeks before the class. Print and tuck into your painting kit…It has the answers to most of your questions!

  • If you will need mediums etc, let me know and I will have them here for you to buy when you get to class. You are also welcome to ship materials to arrive the week before…ask about details!

  • The first day, the Studio will open at 8:15 AM… Classes run M-F usually between 8:30-4:30, but the exact hours are at the Instructor’s discretion…always an average of 6 hours/day, but starting and ending times may vary according to your instructor and painting site location.

  • We always have a 1 hour lunch break, to use or not, it’s up to you…and a lunch plan. You’ll order in the AM; we’ll deliver to your location…you pay in cash please, on your last day!

  • We no longer provide bottled water: bring at least one refillable water bottle! Tap water is fine to drink…

  • Our Studios are large, with good light, Rockland has waterviews and access; you’ll have your own table space and are welcome to leave equipment etc. there for the duration of the class. 

  • The Plein Air plan for the day is weather-dependent and decided at the end of the previous day if possible, but more likely, when we meet in the Studio each morning! Once on sit, make sure your Class Monitors know where you have set up; do plan to stay close to the demo area. Less running around for the instructor means more time for their feedback to you!

  • In Rockland, there is free parking on the both sides of the street by the Studio, just a few blocks from downtown. We are happy to help get you and/or your gear down and up!) the stairs from the street level deck.

  • We usually carpool to Plein Air painting sites unless we paint at the studio location, many of which have shade and at the least, a porta-potty or nearby facilities. You will get good verbal directions, GPS info, and we’ll have a hard copy of the directions on the Monitor table for you to photograph.

  • Each class has an experienced Monitor (or two!) as your Go-To person for any problems or needs…please ask…we all will do our absolute best to see that you have a great class experience!

  • Downtown has great galleries, shops and food and the  Mid-Coast area is full of wonderful places to paint, many accessible to the single painter that a class can’t utilize…if you can, take a drive around!

  • For Lodging  and Travel info, click on the buttons on the Home Page. (Scroll down there for Belfast.)

  • If you have any problems, please tell us in case we can help; we can’t fix anything if we don’t hear till you get home. And be sure to contact us with any questions. Thanks!