Next Season’s Highlights! 2018!


Here’s what we have in place for 2018!

Keep your eye on this page for updates…we are not finished with this!! As we make decisions and schedule more classes, we’ll list them here!

April 2018  Registration closes Sept 30!!!

A nine day barge trip out of Strasbourg France with Larry Moore Oils and Acrylics (and fun!) 9 days total: first and last in Strasbourg; 7 days on the boat with just us and the crew. We get to pick where we want to stop along the way and for how long! 

May 2018

May 5-15 Le Vieux Couvent, France!  Mike Bailey AWS  Paint the Toulouse area of Southern France 



2-12 Italy Venice Ken DeWaard  OILS Capture the essence of the hidden quiet areas!



12-22 France Provence Tony van Hasselt AWS WC Paint the Villages of the Provence!


All Classes in Rockland unless noted otherwise; (several classes run concurrently in our two studios.)

May 15-18 Alvaro Castagnet AWS  Painting with Passion! WC Int/ADV $675

July 9-13 BELFAST  Bill Rogers  The Figure in Studio and Landscape! Oils All Levels $650

16-20 BELFAST  Mel Stabin AWS  Watercolor: Fast and Focused! WC Int/Adv $775

23-27 Sterling Edwards Watercolor A to Z! WC All Levels $650

30-Aug 3 BELFAST  Tony van Hasselt AWS  Watercolor Workshop WC All Levels $650

Aug 6-10 BELFAST  Don Andrews AWS  Landscape: Color and Composition! WC All Levels $650

13-17 Frank Eber  Atmospheric Landscapes! WC All Levels $650

20-24 Herman Pekel Articulate Your Vision! WC Int/Adv $750

20-24 Ken DeWaard  Essence and Design!  Oils/Acrylics All levels $675

27-31 Marc R Hanson OPAM  Open Air Painting Skills! Oils/Acrylics/Pastels All Levels $795

27-31 Kathleen Conover AWS NWS  Capture the Moment! WC All Levels $675

Sept 3-7 David P. Curtis  Plein Air Landscape in Oils! Oils All Levels $650

3-7 Mike Bailey AWS  Plein Air Watercolor Landscape! WC All Levels $650

10-13 Lori Putnam  Expression and Response! Oils AdvBeg -Adv $800 

10-14 Charles Reid  Watercolor Studio/Plein Air WC All Levels $850

17-21 Colin Page  Polish Your Tools! Oils Int/Adv $750 Lottery only…info soon!

17-21 Larry Moore Plein Air with Purpose! Oils/Acrylics All Levels $650

24-28 Colley Whisson  Modern Impressionistic Landscape! Oils All Levels $750


The website will be ready for registrations in mid-Oct…keep checking! We’ll send out the Page Lottery info then as well. In the meantime, call or email me…I am keeping lists of those who want to register!  Hhope you will join us!  Lyn