Notes from Lyn:

Flowers are blooming!!  Classes are filling!

       Scroll down to the Instructor images for the Workshop links and register soon so you don’t miss out! Enrollment numbers change frequently and what looks open today might not be by tomorrow!

Please note: an individual class running, as always, is dependent on its enrollment; I’ll make a decision about each class 6 weeks prior to the start date…. sooner if I can!

A Head’s Up: Classes are filling…and so is local lodging! If you know you want to come to a class, and especially if you will need lodging, go for it now!

If a class is still significantly under-enrolled  7 weeks prior to its start date, I may have to cancel it…and if you wait too long to book a room, it may be harder than usual to find one! 

We have a great roster this season…and Maine is looking luscious! Hope you will join us!  Lyn     

                              I also have room for more Monitor Assistants in both locations! If you’ve been to a workshop, you know how important they are to a smooth running class. If this is something you think you’d like to do, and you have been to a class or two, email me…we’ll talk!  It’s a great work-study opportunity!