Notes from Lyn:

Thanks for your patience as we get thing figured out!

I have learned that it doesn’t work to try and push the river…sometimes you just have to get out of the water. So…Bermuda is not going to happen in the Spring. But, both the instructors are on the Rockland 2023 schedule! Scroll down to see who we have so far…

              You can Register right now by email…just in time for Holiday gifting!                          I’ll hold your space and let you know when the Registration Form is ready!

To contact us, please email:

If you have reached out but not gotten an email reply from me within 24 hours or so, please check your Spam folder or call: 207-594-4813! Thanks!

Please ignore the heading below that says Workshops 2022… These classes are for 2023…I cannot figure out how to remove or amend it…have asked my web guy!

To address a frequent question:  Beginners need to have some experience with the medium, a basic grasp of color, value etc and, drawing skills…Intermediates should have all that sufficiently in hand to be able to focus on composition and its requirements… Advanced are developing a style statement that encompasses all their experience, but want to go further…a Master Class takes the Advanced painter deeper into their own “voice” & further toward producing fully finished work.

As always, reach out if you have questions…We’re looking forward to having you join us!

Best, Lyn

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