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Notes from Lyn:

FYI: Aline Ordman’s class is in Rockland Sept 7-11. Apologies for any confusion!



Hi!  I want to say something about the growing concerns regarding the virus here, and the potential impact on the Workshops. Maine is now on the map with a growing number of cases…(3-17-2020;) your situation may be very different, and ours will continue to change .

Everyone’s well-being is paramount, of course and my heart goes out to everyone who is struggling with health issues right now…or any of the many issues that are virus connected. It is going to take all of us working together to get thru this.

That said, as of now, I am still planning…hoping!!…to run the entire Season as scheduled. We are relatively small groups in good sized spaces, so, if people (and instructors of course!) can get here…and, it is safe to come, we’ll hold the workshops! Staying healthy, putting no one at risk, however, is the primary concern.
I will keep you posted!

I am taking Registrations as usual. Hopefully, by the time the first cancellation deadlines come up, (8 weeks prior to each class, beginning May 8,) any risk from traveling or gathering will be well behind us and we’ll all have recovered from whatever fallout has happened. I’ll make any cancellation decisions class by class, based on what’s current, and when each instructor and their students need to know. I will be in touch!

Head’s Up: As usual, if I have to cancel a class, I will make a refund for whatever you paid…for those of you who have already paid something, my cost includes the credit card fees I’ve already paid…

So…to prevent more of those charges until I know there is income to cover them, if you want to Register now to secure your place should the class run, Please Do!! I will hold your place, but I won’t charge your payment until I guarantee the classThanks! It’s a big help on this end, and will not jeopardize your place in the class! I would check Lodging cancellation policies but book if you can…I expect once people can come here, they will!!

If you’ve already signed up for an early class but prefer to put off traveling till the end of the Season,, I’ll be happy to switch you to a later 2020 class if there is room: contact me!I will be in touch with everyone, including instructors as we go along. I’ll keep you updated in newsletters and on the website…and as always, get in touch if you have any questions!

I wish us all good health! Keep your distance, wash your hands, cover your coughs, eat good food, drink lots of water, rest well, stay well!
We will make it thru this and paint together soon!

Best, Lyn

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