Watercolor: Studio & Plein Air! Wait List Only! Charles Reid

Charles Reid is an artist, teacher and author known around the world. Author of 11 books for students of all levels, his use of beautiful clean color and ability to capture light creates paintings of a freshness and spontaneity that pulls you right into the work…and his drawing skills are masterful!

I’m not sure I have the words to describe the lightness of touch and  absolute authority of his brush handling, nor the solidity of drawing that give him the structure on which to play! What a treat to be able to watch him, never mind learn how he does it! You’ll have plenty of time to observe, listen and practice the skills he demonstrates and discusses. This class will inform all your work from now on!

Much of this class will be in the Studio where Charles will focus on teaching you to simplify and avoid overworking regardless of your subject matter….he uses the same approach for figures, still life and landscapes; his goal is to bring you to a new level of observation and execution no matter what you are painting.


He’ll start you off with contour drawing to help you concentrate on interconnecting shapes rather than on individual isolated objects, edges that touch and overlap creating big volumes. Next you’ll practice what he calls  “Direct Painting” using as few over-washes as possible, concentrating on good paint consistency (the correct ratio of water and paint when the brush is loaded) to achieve the correct color, edge variety and tonal value with your first try, making that decision and being able to execute it on paper!

Charles will be on hand, in the studio or outside, to guide you thru each of these steps as you tackle whatever the subject matter might be! You may not go home with a masterpiece, but your drawing and painting will be stronger and your brush and paint handling more competent, regardless of where you start out!He strongly suggests that you review his books “Painting Flowers in Watercolor,“ “Charles Reid’s Watercolor Secrets” and the recent ”Charles Reid’s Watercolor Solutions.” You’ll be a giant step ahead for having familiarized yourself with his ideas!

Charles Reid was born in Cambridge, NY and studied at the University of Vermont and the Art Student’s League in New York. He is a member of many prestigious organizations including the National Academy where he has won numerous awards. Charles Reid’s paintings are in private and corporate collections, and educational institutions throughout the United States and the world. 

Some General Class Information:

  • We will process your payment after we get your online Registration and will email you a receipt. A $300 deposit will hold your space. Refund and Cancellation Policies are at the bottom of the Registration Form.

  • You will get a Supply List and more detailed info when you Register, and again about a month before the class.

  • If you will need mediums, let me know and I will have them here for you to buy in class. You are also welcome to ship materials ahead…ask for the address!

  • The first day, the Studio will open early…we will make sure you know the time!Classes usually run M-F, between 8:30-4:30, but the exact hours are at the Instructor’s discretion…never fewer than 6 hours total/day, but sometimes we start earlier or end later…or both!

  • We eat dinner (Dutch) somewhere as a group at least once, usually Monday nite for starters; friends, companions, hosts are welcome to come along.

  • We always have a lunch break, to use or not, it’s up to you…and a lunch plan depending on where we are painting.

  • The Plein Air plan for the day is weather-dependent and usually decided at the end of the previous day if possible, or more likely, each morning!

  • If your class is Plein Air, make sure your Class Monitors know where you have set up, and try to stay close to the demo area. Less running around for them, more time for feedback to you!

  • Our Studios are large with good light; you’ll have your own table space and you are welcome to leave equipment etc. there for the duration of the class. It may be possible to paint after hours, we’ll explain the logistics!

  • There are some steps to the main floor where the Studios are located but there is an elevator in the building if you need it.

  • There is ample free parking at the Studio building, which is within walking distance of downtown.

  • We carpool (or sometimes walk) to Plein Air painting sites, most of which have shade and at the least, a porta-potty or nearby facilities. You will get good directions and we usually caravan. Please, do NOT depend on your GPS unless we say so!

  • Each class has an experienced Monitor (or two!) as your Go-To person for any problems or needs…please ask…we all will do our absolute best to see that you have a great class experience!

  • Downtown has great galleries, shops and food and the area is full of wonderful places to paint!

  • For Lodging and Travel info, click on the buttons on the Home Page.

  • Cancellation and Refund info is at the bottom of the online Registration Form…(please do read the Policies before you check that you have!)

  • Be sure to contact us with any questions. Thanks!