Clarity Artists: Robert & Su.Sane Hake Exploring Alchemical 4 Days M-TH! Clarity Artists

  • Rockland ME
  • August 3 to 6, 2020
  • All materials provided!
  • Not just for artists!
  • Tuition: $500 4 days

Not just for artists…A most special, unlike any other, creative experience! Spend four days surrounded by pattern and color, whimsy and wisdom, as you meet your creative self from a new perspective.

To register now, click hereFill out the form with your billing address & cell phone, then in the Notes Box tell me which class you want; I will hold your space pending payment of the necessary $300 Deposit. Please call me ASAP at 207-594-4813 with your credit card info, or email me good times to reach you! Thanks!

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I am inviting you to participate in a creative experience led by an extraordinary couple, an adventure close to my heart and spirit….and a challenge to describe! My time with them, meeting weekly for many years, has opened my world, they are dear friends and guides and I am so pleased to be able to invite you into their work and world!

Robert and Su.Sane will lead you on a personal journey into who you are and what guides your art, thru the use of found & gathered materials, drawing & painting tools, your mind, heart, ears and eyes! You’ll play with a saturation of pattern, layers, connections and color as you use the materials that speak to you.

This is not a day spent learning painting techniques or drawing skills, nor is it just for visual artists.. It is an introduction to a joyful  journey, intellectual, whimsical, of many perspectives, depths and dimensions…an uncovering, an opening to a new knowing of your creative mind and heart regardless of how you express it….making art, music, food, dance, sound, building, gardens…it’s an endless list! The class is hands on, working in two, three (or more!) dimensions using a most eclectic collection of materials! It’s an experience that will inform your way of seeing/being. There is no competition, with yourself or anyone else…just pure “playing”  your way to insight. You’ll take photos of each stage as you move thru each day, giving you more information about your process and a record to revisit…the learning from this is not just from the moment!

We’ll spend some time at their nearby house, which is also their studio,and in their garden’s Summer lushness, which will bring you immediately into the magic of their lives, and the breadth and depth of their work….you will take the impact of lavish color and pattern with you and it will continue giving you insights to your creative process just through the impact of what stays with you visually!

This will be an unforgettable class…and a great break from the “How to/Produce a result” focus of a regular art workshop. Even if you don’t recall the details of all that was said, or all that you did during the classes, you’ll have made a photographic record of your process and will hold the knowing of your creative self in ways not known before! You, and your work, will be changed! We hope you will join us.

Robert and Su.Sane Hake, known as Clarity, are Creatives, artists who have been living inside of their art for over thirty five years…writing, dreaming, painting, constructing, pattern making, gardening, matrix changing and more.  The world they have been guided to build is immense, complex, holding in the moment past and future together in balance. You’ll visit their house and garden, there being no better introduction to their world than to wander thru it; you’ll listen to their stories and poems..and you’ll be guided by their collective wisdoms thru the construction of artworks that will inform your work from this time forward. 

It is not be possible to be in their presence and not be expanded…to find yourself more than you ever thought you were and to know a great celebration of who you are and what you can create! This is a class of traveling, laughing, & stunning awareness of what you simply never saw before in quite the same way!

A longtime community presence, for many years hosts of a large monthly salon of good food and creative conversation, plus an annul presentation event of each year’s focused work, Clarity now has over 40,000 followers worldwide, has published more than 40 books available to purchase, view or listen to free on their website, along with their tapes from a weekly radio hour on the creative life, a great introduction to these most amazing people!   (please ignore the text above the image…can’t get rid of it!!) Robert and Su.Sane are now reaching out beyond their family and local community, to provide the opportunity to join in their creative process, which will expand yours in ways you have likely never envisioned! Take the leap and join us for this extraordinary journey into the creative life…

 I am so looking forward to sharing these most special people and their work and world, with you!