Kat Ring #2 Find Your Focus! Kat Ring

  • Rockland ME
  • August 31 to September 4, 2020
  • Oils Plein air
  • All levels
  • Tuition: $725...
  • katring.com

To register now, click hereFill out the form with your billing address & cell phone, then in the Notes Box tell me which class you want; I will hold your space pending payment of the necessary $300 Deposit. Please call me ASAP at 207-594-4813 with your credit card info, or email me good times to reach you! Thanks!

Note new email address: cmartworkshops@gmail.com.


Kat’s two classes will be similar; if you are coming to both, she will meet you where you are..the classes are open to painters of all skill levels; doing two weeks will certainly deepen your experience! 

What you see and what you want to say in your paintings determine how you paint, as do your ever-improving skills!

Your paintings reflect your priorities and your personality. This course will help you be the best painter you can be, while you establish and strengthen your individual style. You will practice the most important concepts for successful paintings, while becoming aware of which ones you respond to the most. Kat will first teach you how to look at a scene; she will then address all the tools: composition & design, key values, line, direction, shape, color, mood & atmosphere; edges, temperature, harmony, chroma, contrast etc.

We will always ask the question before beginning: “What is it about? What do I want to convey?” You must know this before continuing!

You will determine your focus…and THIS is where the fun and uniqueness begin! Kat will teach you what to look for, how to stick to your concept, and how to make it yours based on what is important to you! There’ll be demos, lectures and plenty of individual attention.When weather permits, you’ll be working outside, painting the Maine Coast’s unique light and atmosphere. If we have to stay in the studio, you’ll get to paint still lifes! Design will be at the forefront on those days; you will play with shapes, sizes, color, textures, and placement. Under the controlled lighting, you can take your time, be contemplative and subjective








Artist’s Statement:I am a wanderer who needs to be physically in touch with nature to feel alive. I am inspired to paint by seasonal changes, ancient trees and endangered species. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of a locality call me. From the US to Germany to Italy to Zambia, I have followed paths which led me from deserts and the ocean to castle-strewn riverbanks, to olive-laden hillsides, to the elephant-trampled bush. I feel challenged and connected. I thrive, I paint. I paint the natural world; animals and trees, landscapes and weather, because they are extraordinary and I want others to take another look, and keep looking. I am also motivated by my lifelong goal to leave the world a better place than how I found it. Since early childhood, I have been involved in some means of fundraising, activism, lobbying or employment in support of environmental protection and the rights of all creatures with whom we share this planet. By my actions and choices, I live as simply and sincerely as I can, and I use my paintbrush and colors to speak for the voiceless, to call attention to the strength and fragility of life on this amazing planet.

To answer a frequently asked question: “Why did you live in Zambia?” I need say only one word: “Giraffes.” To witness them (and guinea fowl, elephants, zebras, ground horn bills, etc etc) is to be humbly in awe. And Why Italy?” Because Art is everywhere! Painting is a viable and highly respected profession and I find here as sort of halfway balance between the USA and Zambia, a dynamic mix of order and chaos conducive to creativity and its expression.” Katerina Ring 2019                                   ******************************************************************************************************** California-born Katerina Ring creates semi-impressionistic oil paintings of Italy and Zambia; plein air landscapes in harmonious colors, and studio animal paintings incorporating graphic elements and strong design. She also organized several Plein Air Safaris in Zambia and has painted zebras and elephants from life, in their natural habitats. Life is an adventure, and luck is just being prepared when opportunities arise.” In this sense, hard work, dedication to craft and openness to new challenges has defined Katerina’s life and led to her living, painting and teaching on three continents. As an undergrad, she was a teaching assistant at UCDavis (California) in the Design Department; decades later she recommenced teaching at two schools in Zambia and in oil painting workshops in Zambia and Italy. A proponent of plein air painting, Kat finds that painting from life, spending hours in Nature’s elements (and often its harshness) enriches the artist, the artwork, and ultimately the viewer who appreciates authenticity. Indebted to the master painters with whom she studied (at the Florence Academy of Art, Scottsdale Artists’ School, in Germany and Belgium,) she passes on their ideas and techniques to her students, with unbridled enthusiasm.

Please check her website for a full resume and more images!