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Simplifying Watercolor! JOHN HOAR

  • Rockland ME
  • September 14 to 18, 2020
  • Watercolor
  • All Levels Plein air
  • Tuition: $695

Welcome back to John Hoar, one of the UK’s most popular instructors and a fine painter.!

John’ credits as inspiration the impressionist watercolorists who perfected the art of painting in the most direct and economical way.His light touch with pigment and deft draftsmanship is perfect for our coastal scenery, be it street or shoreline, with its abundance of intriguing architecture, busy harbors and quiet fishing harbors.It was a delight to have him here,with his quietly focused expertise and obvious generosity and joy in sharing it!

John will teach both in the studio and on site, with lecture, demos and abundant personal attention, You’ll have plenty of time to paint on your own practicing the lessons, and an abundance of individual help as you integrate his techniques and move forward on your own with your work!  He is a delight to be with. This will be a most worthwhile workshops with a very fine instructor!

Do check his website for more wonderful paintings!


A well known UK artist who specializes in architectural subjects, landscapes, marine scenes and floral studies, John Hoar’s paintings with their striking combination of loose wash and ink line, are widely sought after on both sides of the Atlantic.  Born in 1947, the son of Frank Hoar, the cartoonist “Acanthus” of Punch magazine and a highly accomplished watercolourist himself, John studied Architecture at Cambridge and Brixton School of Building. Although he studied drawing and painting with Ruskin Spear R.A., he is largely self taught and has painted professionally since 1980. The recipient of many prestigious awards, John is represented in collections in England, Ireland and the USA and has had more than 50 one man shows in England and Ireland.  In 2016, he was invited to represent Britain at the 2nd Qindao International Watercolour Salon in China and has published a number of instructional DVDs thru Town House TV.


Some General Class Information:

    • We‘ll process your payment after we get your online Registration and will email you a receipt. A $300 deposit will hold your space. Cancellation and Refund info is at the bottom of the Registration Form…(please do read the Policies before you check that you have!)

    • We’ll send a Supply List and more detailed info after you Register, and again about 2 weeks before the class. Print and tuck into your painting kit…then you’ll know where to find it all! It has the answers to most of your questions!

    • If you will need mediums, let me know and I will have them here for you to buy when you get to class. You are also welcome to ship materials to arrive the week before…ask about details!

    • The first day, the Studio will open at 8:15 AM… Classes usually run M-F between 8:30-4:30, but the exact hours are at the Instructor’s discretion…always an average of 6 hours/day, but starting and ending times may vary according to your instructor.

    • We eat dinner (Dutch) somewhere as a group at least once, usually Monday nite for starters; friends, companions, hosts are welcome to come along. If we have an alternate plan, we’ll let you know!

    • We always have a 1 hr lunch break, to use or not, it’s up to you…and a lunch plan depending on where we are painting. We order in the AM and deliver to your location…you pay in cash on the last day before you leave!

    • Our Studios are large, with good light and waterviews; you’ll have your own table space and you are welcome to leave equipment etc. there for the duration of the class. It is possible to stay and paint after hours, we’ll explain the logistics!

    • The Plein Air plan for the day is weather-dependent and decided at the end of the previous day if possible, or more likely, when we meet in the Studio each morning! Make sure your Class Monitors know where you have set up, and try to stay close to the demo area. Less running around for them, more time for feedback to you!

    • There is free parking at the Studio building, which is within a few blocks of downtown.

    • We carpool at least 3 to a car (or sometimes walk if it’s close) to Plein Air painting sites, many of which have shade and at the least, a porta-potty or nearby facilities. You will get good directions. Please, do NOT depend on your GPS unless we say so!

    • Each class has an experienced Monitor (or two!) as your Go-To person for any problems or needs…please ask…we all will do our absolute best to see that you have a great class experience!

    • Downtown in both locations has great galleries, shops and food and the area is full of wonderful places to paint, many accessible to the single painter that a class can’t utilize…if you can, take a look around!

    • For Lodging (scroll down for Belfast) and Travel info, click on the buttons on the Home Page.

    • If you have any problems, tell us!! We can’t fix anything if we don’t hear till you get home. Be sure to contact us with any questions. Thanks!