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Making Your Mark! DAVID LUSSIER

Like the idea of getting a painting done all at once? Here’s where you can learn invaluable tools for tackling Alla Prima painting…the “At One Go “ method of painting…with confidence! David Lussier is masterful at unraveling the secrets of this challenging, and very satisfying way to paint!

David offers this quote: “In his remarkable treatise In Praise of Painterly Painters, the late artist, author and teacher, Charles Movalli, wrote;Painterly painters are surrounded by seeming contradictions. They finish by not finishing, include by leaving out, paint more by painting less. Their means are easy to see, the results, immediately felt.’ How such seemingly insufficient means lead to these results is a mystery!” But David believes that economy of stroke is within every painters grasp, if they are willing to approach the painting process with a ‘Less Is More’ mind set! You bring the mind set…he will show you the techniques!

You’ll explore in depth the method of Alla Prima painting, your goal with each painting to see your subject as shapes of color and value, not as individual objects. When you look at a subject this way, you can react quickly, making the confident marks on the canvas that are uniquely an expression of your individual self. in this 5 day class, David will do a daily demonstration and and lead discussions on composition, design, value and how to capture light and atmosphere in your paintings. His individual attention will help you focus on developing your “painter’s eye” and the skills to make your personal artistic statement. Beginners to experienced artist are welcome. Should the weather not cooperate, we’ll work in our studio with its big windows and great views of the harbor down the road. Your time inside will be well used!David is known for his sophisticated color sense, poetic brushwork and his ability to convey emotion in a painting. His ‘Less Is More’ approach to painting has garnered him numerous accolades throughout his long career in plein air painting. In his poetic and intimate oil landscapes David strives to capture the essence and sense of place of his subject matter. His use of bold broad brushwork brings the surfaces to life and begs the viewer to return for a second look. He is an extremely knowledgeable instructor, who can reach students at their own individual level. David’s workshops are filled with demos and plenty of hands on instruction. He never asks his students to do anything that he has not demonstrated or explained first in the workshop. Composition, values, color, brushwork and edge control are all a part of his step-by-step approach. In order to ensure plenty of individual instruction at the easel, this workshop is limited to a maximum of 16 students. When she is not involved with her own painting commissions and projects, David is assisted by his wife Pam. Pam is an award winning plein air painter, talented and knowledgeable, who brings a second pair of eyes and skills to assist the workshop student. Together they make up an exciting and amusing team and are known as the original”Plein Air Pair!”                       *************************************************************************************************

David Lussier is an award-winning contemporary impressionist and nationally recognized plein air painter and workshop instructor. A painter in the purist sense of the word, David was trained in classical realism at Paier College of Art in Hamden CT. He started his career as a commercially trained illustrator, but quickly realized that his passion was in the fine arts.finding his true calling in plein air landscape painting.. Painting professionally for decades, he has garnered more than 75 prizes for his work and is in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the United States. His work has been featured several times in professional art publications, and he holds professional memberships in many art associations and groups in the country. David is also an official U.S. Open artist for the United States Golf Association; four of his paintings hang in the permanent collection of the USGA Museum in Far Hills New Jersey. He has competed extensively throughout the United States in both juried and invitational plein air competitions and has been juror for numerous events. In 2019, David will be a juror of selection for the Finger Lakes Plein Air Competition held in Canandaigua NY in June, and the overall juror of selection and awards at Paint Ocean City MD.