So sorry…We’ve canceled…No Alvaro this year… Alvaro Castagnet AWS/DF

Note: This class is Tues-Friday!!

Your four-day class will take place in and around Rockland where there are abundant street scenes urban and rural, and easy access to both tiny fishing villages and famous scenic harbors.

2015Alvaro Demo #1

Cast 11219337_10153247211056936_2047016193550300484_nCastagnet extra image

Alvaro combines an expressive, strong, and colorful style with a superb interpretation of light effects, capturing the soul of the places he paints. A skilled, passionate artist, he regards tools (color, value & composition,) as subordinate to the priority of working from the heart, encouraging his students to develop the personal palette and techniques which express self & feelings, while honoring their own visual inspiration. He brings energy and excitement to the process of painting, demonstrating his full mastery of the medium & challenging his students to reach new levels of vitality and individual expressiveness in their paintings. He dances his way thru his paintings, explaining as he works what he’s doing and why…he’s introspective, articulate and…dramatic!Cast 11223489_10153146958436936_5252969307715645700_n

Alvaro leads a daily discussion about the making of a painting, but because he teaches primarily thru his demos and lectures, generally two well-developed paintings each day,  the class is larger than most. He often make the rounds to see how you are doing, especially when we are painting in a defined area and is available on site during the day, (except for lunchtime!) to answer questions about your work…. be sure to ask!

portlandAlvaro’s eye is sharp, his experience in evaluating work is extensive and he is always concise and to the point. He is a powerful personality and a magical painter. Four days of painting with him will change how you approach your work regardless of your style…and you will likely never forget the time with him!


AAlvaro2012-0366LVARO CASTAGNET was born in Montevideo, Uruguay (South America) and migrated to Australia in 1983. His early interest in art was cultivated mainly by his father, who, at a very young age, sent him to the National School of Art in Montevideo where he was taught by Professor Esteban Garino, continuing on at the Fine Arts University, with Miguel Angel Pareja.Two years after arriving in Australia, he was appointed Art Director of Melbourne’s Latin American Festival. His works have been acquired by private and corporate collectors worldwide. He has been holding solo exhibitions in Australia since 1985, and has won several prestigious national prizes, including: First Prize Alice Bale Award, and twice, First Prize St. Kevin’s College. In May 2003, the American Watercolor Society awarded him the “HIGH WINDS” award and medal, the first Uruguayan ever to win it. A member of AWS, the Old Watercolor Society and The Victorian Artist Society, he writes regularly for the Australian Artist magazine, The Artist Magazine USA & U.K, Watercolor Magic, several Dutch magazines and International Artist. He has published one book: Watercolor Painting With Passion, is working on the next one and has a new series of watercolor videos in addition to his earlier DVD’s and videos. He has been featured in the books: 50 Australian Artists; The Watercolor Landscape Techniques of 23 International Artists; Splash 6 & Splash 10, and is one of five members of the Winterlude Painting Group chronicled in the Winterlude Book, together with Nick Canosa, Patric Carroll, Herman Pekel & Joseph Zbukvic . He is also the subject of “Inspired Watercolour” & “The Passionate Painter in Antwerp” by APV films.50 Australian Artists; The Watercolor Landscape Techniques of 23 International Artists; Splash 6 & Splash 10;, and is one of five members of the Winterlude Painting Group chronicled in the Winterlude Book, together with Nick Canosa, Patric Carroll, Herman Pekel & Joseph Zbukvic . He is also the subject of “Inspired Watercolour” & “The Passionate Painter in Antwerp” by APV films.

Alvaro travels the world, painting, demonstrating, lecturing judging art competitions and attending exhibitions of his work. He has received multiple international and prestigious awards during the last twenty-five years including a win at the Shanghai Zhujiajiao Biennial Exhibition in competition with masters from China, Britain, USA, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Spain.. Fluent in many languages, including Spanish, Italian, and English, he is now based in Montevideo, Uruguay, with his wife, Ana Maria, Their two boys, Gaston & Calvin are now off on their own in Australia!.

Some General Class Information:

  • We will process your payment after we get your online Registration and will email you a receipt. A $300 deposit will hold your space. Refund and Cancellation Policies are at the bottom of the Registration Form.

  • You will get a Supply List and more detailed info when you Register, and again about a month before the class.

  • If you will need mediums, let me know and I will have them here for you to buy in class. You are also welcome to ship materials ahead…ask for the address!

  • The first day, the Studio will open early…we will make sure you know the time!Classes usually run M-F, between 8:30-4:30, but the exact hours are at the Instructor’s discretion…never fewer than 6 hours total/day, but sometimes we start earlier or end later…or both!

  • We eat dinner (Dutch) somewhere as a group at least once, usually Monday nite for starters; friends, companions, hosts are welcome to come along.

  • We always have a lunch break, to use or not, it’s up to you…and a lunch plan depending on where we are painting.

  • The Plein Air plan for the day is weather-dependent and usually decided at the end of the previous day if possible, or more likely, each morning!

  • If your class is Plein Air, make sure your Class Monitors know where you have set up, and try to stay close to the demo area. Less running around for them, more time for feedback to you!

  • Our Studios are large with good light; you’ll have your own table space and you are welcome to leave equipment etc. there for the duration of the class. It may be possible to paint after hours, we’ll explain the logistics!

  • There are some steps to the main floor where the Studios are located but there is an elevator in the building if you need it.

  • There is ample free parking at the Studio building, which is within walking distance of downtown.

  • We carpool (or sometimes walk) to Plein Air painting sites, most of which have shade and at the least, a porta-potty or nearby facilities. You will get good directions and we usually caravan. Please, do NOT depend on your GPS unless we say so!

  • Each class has an experienced Monitor (or two!) as your Go-To person for any problems or needs…please ask…we all will do our absolute best to see that you have a great class experience!

  • Downtown has great galleries, shops and food and the area is full of wonderful places to paint!

  • For Lodging and Travel info, click on the buttons on the Home Page.

  • Cancellation and Refund info is at the bottom of the online Registration Form…(please do read the Policies before you check that you have!)

  • Be sure to contact us with any questions. Thanks!